the girl and the clicker

You are not being fooled, you want to believe. You pay attention, you inspect, but not as hard as you can. You follow the hands and listen to the voice, you fall. It’s not what he says but what you hear, it’s where he takes your mind with the undulating sound of his voice. Nothing is ordinary and everything is new. All is painted with the sparkling colors of excitement. He’s done his trick.

No estás siendo engañada, quieres creer. Prestas atención, inspeccionas, pero no tanto como puedes. Sigues sus manos y escuchas su voz, caes. No es lo que dice, es lo que escuchas, es a donde él lleva tu mente con el sonido ondulante de su voz. Nada es ordinario y todo es nuevo. Se pinta todo del color resplandeciente de la emoción. Él ha completado su truco.

the girl and the clicker

the girl and the clicker

the girl and the clicker

the girl and the clicker


The amazing photographer who shot this photos is our great friend Luis Alejandro Dávila (a.k.a. Trece).
He is now working in Madrid but he paid us a visit and had the idea of doing some photos with us. The concept for this photoshoot did not come by accident. He works as a fashion photographer but he is also obsessed with the art of deception, and he knows his way through it. (Hint hint: HE’S ALSO A MAGICIAN!) So we got into character and, inspired by the movie ‘The Prestige’, we played our parts.

Now, for the final act, go to these links and fall in love with Mr. Trece’s work:

the girl and the clicker

the girl and the clicker


I never talk about the clothes I wear, but I’ll make an exception. Just look at that dress, look at it. When we talked about the concept for the photoshoot I knew I didn’t have anything in my closet for it. So I asked Diana Ávalos, owner of the high vintage fashion store Devoto Atelier, to rescue me. I got to the store, saw something shining and I knew it was the perfect dress for this occasion.
Thanks, Diana, for having such amazing things!

the girl and the clicker

the girl and the clicker

Suit: Zara / Tie: Vintage
Dress: Devoto Atelier


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