TLT – Love hurts

the girl and the clicker

They say that love hurts, it sure does. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve fallen in love with a pair of shoes and they have left me in tears. They look so pretty, they make you feel so good, so you promise you’ll be together forever. But forever doesn’t last long once you learn that your feet can hurt so bad that you’re tempted to go bare foot in the middle of the street. And, don’t be fooled, is not only the very high heels that do that. The ones that have done the worst damage were a pair of flat moccasins. I still remember the ridiculous amount of band-aids needed to patch up my feet so that I could return to my car.

In the end wearing the pair of shoes you love is like being in a relationship; if you really love them you need to understand them, you need to learn how to get along, and you have to accept the fact that sometimes they will hurt you, badly. At least (some) shoes hurt only the first few times you wear them.

At least I would fall before they could hurt me.

Dicen que el amor duele, es verdad. He perdido la cuenta de todas las veces que me he enamorado de un par de zapatos y me han dejado envuelta en lágrimas. Se ven tan hermosos, hacen que te sientas genial, así que prometes que estarán juntos por siempre. Pero siempre no dura mucho una vez que tus pies duelen tanto que estás tentada de andar descalza en plena calle. Y, no te dejes engañar, no solo los tacos altos hacen eso. Los que me han hecho peor daño fueron un par de mocasines. Todavía recuerdo la cantidad ridícula de curitas que necesité para poder regresar a mi auto.

Al final, usar el par de zapatos que amas es como estar en una relación; si de verdad los amas debes entenderlos, debes aprender a soportarlos, y debes aceptar que a veces te harán daño, mucho daño. Al menos hay zapatos que solo duelen las primeras veces que los usas.

a6ed91e8b36c988120e4e95aa823a048I love them, but how do I hide the band-aids?

The ones on the right hurt as much as the ones on the left.

Karla wears heels when she wants to relax. She is my hero.

Love them but I feel pain just by looking at them.

Pretty neon torture devices.



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