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Two weeks ago I wrote about working on being better consumers and being responsible about the amount of things we decide to buy. Well, this week I thought I’d write about those times we do go out and make a purchase, and some very logical and basic (yet apparently non-existing for many) shopping manners. 😉


Inside the store

– ‘Excuse me’ is a proper way to catch someone’s attention so you can walk pass them. Almost tackling them, rugby style, is not.

– Makeup is okay, as long as it stays on your face and not on the clothes you try on and END UP NOT BUYING. If you know you are going shopping then maybe going makeup free is the best decision. And if you were not planning on trying some clothes on then be careful. Because, maybe, just maybe, someone tries on a shirt and it fits beautifully, and then realizes that that white shirt is the one you tried on and is smeared with makeup. Not cool.

– They say the city is a jungle, but it’s only because some people act like wild animals. The worst thing you can do is fight anyone over (insert any fashion item). Breathe, look at yourself from above and walk away slowly before you turn into someone out of a black Friday sales video. Scary.

– Is it only me that feels bad about grabbing something from a ‘freshly’ organized pile of clothes? I would wait for the employee to go away and then I would carefully take my size. I know it is their job to keep the store organized but I think of how I keep my own closet and I take that behavior to every store.

– I know, with all those mirrors and different light settings, we can be tempted to stay a minute too long at the dressing rooms (Add a few more if you are there with a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend you want to show every item to and get some feedback from.) because we need more space than a 1.5×1.5m cubicle to imagine ourselves wearing that out in the world. But, if there is a line outside waiting to try things on, you need to keep it fast and efficient. Be considered! No one else is in line? That dressing room is your personal runway!


At checkout

– People, store lines are a matter of number, not of length, meaning no matter how close you stand to the person in front of you it won’t get you to the cashier faster. So, let’s stand far enough from each other that we can’t tell which shampoo each of is using, deal?

– ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’. Let’s keep things friendly and polite, let’s use these two expressions, always, no matter how busy we are, or how bad a day we’ve had. (And this goes both ways, shopper and employees.) Words are free and so are good vibes!

– We all do some filtering while we wait for our turn to pay. And sometimes we change our minds and don’t want an item or two anymore. Totally fine, but don’t leave them at a random place, just wait for your turn and hand it to the cashier. No cluttering, no visible mess. Better, right? (Am I starting to sound like an employee of a store? I swear I’m not, I just hate when we don’t do simple and polite things that can make a shared environment better. =) )

– Wouldn’t it be awesome if every time we are in line to pay someone randomly starts doing choreography, Full Monty kind of feel, and then everybody follows? It would make it so much fun! =D


After shopping

– You need to think of your shopping bags as an extension of your own self. Think of them as an extra arm, or an extension of your hips. This way you’ll be more careful when you are walking holding them. Because maybe, when you hit everybody with your bags, it doesn’t hurt you, but some of those cardboard ones can really hurt others! It has happened to me, ouch.

Are there any other basic shopping manners you can think of? Let me know! 🙂




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